1. A leaf-footed bug I found in central park last fall.

  2. A small bee I found at the NY Botanical Garden last fall. I believe it’s in the Ceratina genus, commonly referred to as small carpenter bees since they’re closely related to the much larger black and yellow carpenter bees.

  3. Less than a month until Spring! As soon as the weather warms up a little, all the bugs will be coming out of hibernation (or being born) along with this blog. I’m hoping to start photo trips in a couple weeks!

    Here’s an ant I found towards the end of the season last year. I wonder if it made it through the winter.

  4. Last moments alive for a Dubia roach

  5. Milkweed bug

  6. Stinkbug!  These are all over the place in NJ during the fall.

  7. Metallic green bee at the NY Botanical Garden

  8. Well we’ve reached the conclusion of caterpillar week.  I’ll end with one of the most bizarre bugs I’ve ever seen in person.  This is a saddleback caterpillar (Acharia stimulea).  Those spikes aren’t just for show; they contain a potent venom that can cause rashes and nausea.

  9. Well here’s some nightmare fuel.  I guess Azalea caterpillars really don’t like having their picture taken.

  10. An azalea caterpillar (Datana major), about 3 inches long.  It arches like this as a defensive posture to make itself look bigger.  As you may have guessed, this species feeds mostly on azaleas.