1. Flowers are finally blooming in central park

  2. First bug of the season!! Still not much out, but I found this little guy running around in central park. From the configuration of its eyes I believe this is a young wolf spider, not sure on the species though.

  3. A leaf-footed bug I found in central park last fall.

  4. Found this little jumping spider in my kitchen.

  5. A small bee I found at the NY Botanical Garden last fall. I believe it’s in the Ceratina genus, commonly referred to as small carpenter bees since they’re closely related to the much larger black and yellow carpenter bees.

  6. Spring is here!!…..sort of. A few days ago I made my first trip of the season out to central park and found, well nothing yet.

    But at least I found a few more pics I forgot to post from the end of last season (really need to work on my organizational skills), so at least I’ve got something to post until the warm weather actually shows up

  7. Less than a month until Spring! As soon as the weather warms up a little, all the bugs will be coming out of hibernation (or being born) along with this blog. I’m hoping to start photo trips in a couple weeks!

    Here’s an ant I found towards the end of the season last year. I wonder if it made it through the winter.

  8. Last moments alive for a Dubia roach

  9. My little Rose-hair tarantula molted!  This one only molts about once per year so I was lucky to catch him just as he was starting.  

    Tarantulas molt by flipping onto their back, popping the top off their exoskeleton and sliding it off like a jumpsuit.  Their new exoskeleton is ready underneath, but it’s still soft and rubbery and takes a few days to harden.  For young tarantulas like this one, this is when they grow.

  10. A dahlia flower I found at the NY Botanical Garden